2006-2007 Recipients

Teri Yrigoyen - Johnson, Volunteer Literacy Tutors
Elizabeth Jackson - Whitmore, From Sheep To Scarf: The Art and Science of Processing Wool
Becky Thaxton - Schumaker-, Literacy Through Listening
Penni Natvig - Rosemont Service Center, ABC---XYZ
Jenny Royer - Howell, Magic In The Circle
Marsha Jean Burrola - Tolson, Learning Culture Through Art
Susan Kelly - Booth-Fickett, Future City Competition Project
Dr. Miguel Enriquez - Pueblo, Touch The Sky- Videoconference w/International Space Station
Jane Mullins - ALT. ED., Exploring The World around us through "Orienteering"
Mark Reynolds - Whitmore, Exploring Ecology
Ellen Marshall - LineWeaver, Brain Works For Kids
Stephanie DuBois - TAPP, Learning For Life
Tania Rhodes - Lynn-Urquides, Lynn- Urquides Garden Project
Tracy Sneed - ALT. ED., Community Service Learning Field Trips
Peg Flaherty - Oyama, The Oyama Theatre Experience
Jana Vargas - Miles, Arizona Alive II
Cheryl Walling - Maxwell, Maxwell Outdoor Club
Marguerite Samples - Dunham, Dunham 2nd Grade Field Trips
Marilyn Murphy - Davidson, Kindergarten Community Arts Enrichment
Christine Nielsen - Blenman, Life Long Love of Reading
Louise Till - Dunham, Library Power Author Visit
Ginger Snider - Borton, Constructing Big Ideas w/ Small Children
Lissa Watts - Magee, Great Things Happen in Inclusive Schools
Alicia Romo - Santa Rita, Ballet Folklorico-Santa Rita
Teresa Scotland - Jefferson Park, The Past Is Present Encountering Culture through the Arts
Michael Salado - Tolson, La Historia De Mis Padres (the History of my Fathers)
Nancy Green - Dunham, Supplies for Autism Classroom at Dunham
Jennifer Wakefield - Mansfeld, The Bulldog Bark
Craig Wunderlich - Cholla, Cholla Unplugged: Volume 3
Marjorie Nelson - Maxwell, Geometry: Stained Glass Window Project
Georgina Carrillo - White, Connecting Threads- From Mathematics To Quilts
Anthony Vacura - Tucson High, Book Flood Program
Ashley Faulk - Maxwell, Birthday Books
Karen Yeager - Davidson, Technology, Integrated Into The Arts Curriculum
Melinda Radon - Soleng Tom, Fifth Grade Leadership Conference
Alan Voelkel - Wakefield, Wakefield College Club
Catherine Yslas - Sabino, Mobile Mathematics Smartboard Technology
Suzy Thomas - ALT. ED., Alternative Education Presents...
Robert Sam - Holladay, Finding The Founding Fathers
Caryl Crowell - Borton, Parent- Child Heritage Language Literacy Project
Don Guerra - Miles, Step Into Fitness
Ricky Torres - Hohokam, Scales For Scholars
Michelle Gonzales - Catalina, Dental Injury Prevention: Mouth Guard Manufacturing

Funding for the 2006-2007 Classroom Grant is provided by Donald Pitt Family Foundation, EEF General Funds, Jacob Eisner Memorial Endowment, Joan Brown Diamond Charitable Lead Annuity Trust, Kay and Lee Scott Memorial Endowment, Library Power Endowment, Lynn Urquides/Adams Memorial, Marjorie I. Wandrey Memorial Endowment, Research Corporation, Schwarz Library Fund, The Stocker Foundation Endowment, The Thomas R. Brown Foundation, Tucson Federal Credit Union.