2005-2006 Recipients

Marvin Cohen, Palo Verde HMS, Successful, Effective Drawing Capabilities
Susan Kelly, Booth-Fickett, Future City Competition Project
Daniel Forrest, Pistor MS, Sonoran Characters, Flora and Fauna
Jeremy Thompson, Tully Accelerated EMS, Growing Science
Joan Daniels, Carrillo Magnet School, Eldon Pueblo Field Trip
Peggy Ingraham, Teenage Parent Program, CSI: TAPP
Kathleen Halstead, Reynolds ES, Playing African Music
Mary Startz, Dietz ES, We Are Peace Builders Books
Karen Yeager, Pueblo Gardens ES, Composers in the Classroom
Suzy Thomas, Drake Alternative MS, Give a Child a Book
Heidi McPeak, Palo Verde HMS, Murals for Environmental Education
Chris Martin, Howenstine HMS, Light Pollution
Carol Ruiz, Marshall ES, Spell, Collaborate, Read, Add
Connie Lewis, Cragin ES, Developing Algebraic Thinking in K and 1st
Caroline Carlson, Wright ES, Build Your Own Library
Leesa Jacoson, Pueblo Gardens ES, Young Authors Writing Project
Lynnete Miller, Gridley MS, Investigating Biological Diversity
Shaula Rhodes, Roberts ES, Author Visit: Susan Lowell
Debbie Teece, Fort Lowell ES, Illustrator: Debbie Palen
Rebecca Jones, Palo Verde HMS, The Code: The 5 Secrets of Teen Success
Judyth Lessee, Catalina HMS, Catalina Welcomes You
Catherine Polanco, Cholla HMS, Learners Today, Leaders, Tomorrow
Alma Ramirez Wilson, Pueblo HMS, Aztlan Folklorico Group
Kate Mahady, Booth-Fickett, Questions of Culture and Human Connections
Lisa Thomas, Erickson ES, Moving Forward: Professional Reflection
Victoria Callison, Roberts ES, You Go Girl!
Elizabeth Browne, Ford ES, Listen and Learn
Cristina Donnadieu, Richey K-8, Literacy: Background Knowledge
Kathryn Wilde, Project MORE, Technology in Art and Publications Creation
Barbara Webb, Lineweaver ES, Autism Library
Sarah Wilson, Pueblo HMS, The Jungle Today
Chris Roney, PACE Alternative HS, Fitness Program Development
Karan Stewart, Drake Alternative MS, Healthy Choices, Healthy Bodies
Alan Voelkel, Wakefield MS, Wakefield Star/Arizona Star Collaboration
Margaret Watson, White ES, Developing Literacy through Drama/Arts
Dianne Turausky, Magee MS, Magee/Iraq Reading Project
David Kukla, Sabino HS, Real World Math Research Projects
Anneli Henneke, Rincon HS, Fit For Life
Zeannie Lewis, Dietz ES, Community Partnership Take Home Packs
Steve Bracamonte, Tucson HMS, THMS Clean Campus Campaign
Laura Christensen, Grijalva ES, Grizzly Reading Challenge
Funding for the 2005-2006 Classroom Grant is provided by Bank One Foundation, Research Corporation, Southwest Gas Corporation, Tucson Federal Credit Union, Joan Brown Diamond Charitable Lead Trust, Donald Pitt Family Foundation, Schwarz Fund, Library Power Fund, Jacob Eisner Memorial Fund, Stocker Foundation Fund, Kay and Lee Scott Memorial Fund, Wandrey Fund, and EEF General Funds.