2013-2014 Recipients

Judy Bevier, Whitmore Elementary School, Growing Together, The Budding Scientist Program

Caroline Carlson, Wright Elementary School, Exploring Biodiversity of Southern Arizona

Caroline Castrillo-Pinto, Borton Magnet Elementary School, Family Photography Fun

Becky Cavazos & Alicia Gregory, Borton Magnet Elementary School, Field Trip to the Science Center of Arizona

Johanna Duran, Van Buskirk Elementary School, Kindle Reading

Leticia Gill, Borton Magnet Elementary School, Books Inspiring Creative Story-Tellers

Karen Hobson, Borton Magnet Elementary School, Science Enrichment with Watershed Management Group

Linda Huber, Palo Verde High Magnet School, What's Up in the Wetlands?

Nina Jolly, Howell Elementary School, Bringing 21st Century Technology to My Classroom

Gaby Kunk, Whitmore Elementary School, Cooking in the Classroom

Valerie LaMaster, Vesey Elementary School, Updating Library Materials - Non-Fiction

Kathleen Lavoie, Mary Belle McCorkle Academy of Excellence K-8, Follow the Rains: Water Conservation in Preschool

Anne Lee, Gale Elementary School, Audial Enhancement

Sandra Lombardi, Sabino High School, Scientific Research Associates Reading Laboratory for Students with Specific Learning Disabilities in Reading

Jeniffer Mayersohn, Van Buskirk Elementary School, E-Readers for Education

Sabrina Navarrete-Camacho, Hollinger Elementary School, Promoting Literacy with Family Story Backpacks

Sabrina Navarrete-Camacho, Hollinger Elementary School, Extending a Child's Knowledge Beyond the Classroom with Field Trips

Elvera Padilla, Teenage Parent High School (TAP), Project Flashdrive

Amy Rusk, Tucson High Magnet School, Putting Poets in Print: The THMS 2013-2014 Literary Magazine

Amy Rusk, Tucson High Magnet School, Print Reference Is Not Obsolete

Arial Samorano, Catalina High Magnet School, Play to Learn: Understand Themes in Literature with the Arizona Theatre Company Matinees

Marguerite Samples, Dunham Elementary School, Exploring Ecosystems and Animals of the Southwest

Michael Serres, Hudlow Elementary School, Mobile Research Library

Cheryl Walling, Safford K-8 Magnet, Arizona Caving

Cheryl Walling, Safford K-8 Magnet, Safford 5th Grade Star Gazers

Cheryl Walling, Safford K-8 Magnet, Safford Explorers

Craig Wunderlich, Cholla High Magnet School, Cholla Unplugged