2016-2017 Recipients

Dawn Alessi, Alice Vail Middle School, Educational Access for Single Switch Users Via Computer Programs - Vail

Amanda Beekhuizen, Ochoa Community Magnet School, Bookmaking with Ms. Ellison's Second Grade at Ochoa Community Magnet School

Lisa Bradford, Mansfeld Middle Magnet School, "Mansfeld Tree of life" Ceramic Mural

Caroline Carlson, Ed.D., NBCT, Wright Elementary School, Yee Haw! It's Rodeo Time!

Caroline Carlson, Ed.D., NBCT, Wright Elementary School, R is for Reading!!

Julie Crabtree, Dunham Elementary School, The Lost Art of Exploration

Kathleen Deverna, Van Buskirk Elementary School, Preschool Trikes Build Healthy Bodies, Brains and Friendships

Kathleen Deverna, Van Buskirk Elementary School, You Read, I Read, We All Read Together!

Margaret Dodson, Pueblo Magnet High School, Technology Accessibility

Candace Doerr, Sewell Elementary School, Revitalize Sewell's Community Garden

Constance Eisenman, Gridley Middle School, STEM Engineering Lesson Plan Activities

Eileen Erickson, Sahuaro High School, Voracious Readers

Jennifer Flagg, Teenage Parent High School (TAP), The Keys to Success Initiative

Jackie Fortier, Direct Link, Educational Access for Single Switch Users Via Computer Programs - Direct Link

Linda Goudielock, M.Ed., Howell Elementary School, Moving to Learn

Anna Helsel, Warren Elementary School, Visual Work and Data Portfolios

Christine Hermes, Warren Elementary School, Earthkeepers

Peggy Herron, Gridley Middle School, STEMing Up Gridley Middle School

Ade Kaur, Grijalva Elementary School, Using Tablets in Exceptional Education

Ed Kowalczyk, Palo Verde High Magnet School, Henrietta Lacks: Medical Savior or Exploited Victim

Elena Martin, Tucson High Magnet School, Wildlife Biodiversity Monitoring and Development

Sabrina Navarrete-Camacho, Hollinger K-8 School, Promoting Healthy Living with the Adventures of Gardening

Kathleen Patterson, Booth-Fickett Math/Science Magnet School, Classroom Listening Center

Robin Plouffe, Steele Elementary School, Community Service by Students with Exceptional Needs

Danette Proctor, Sabino High School, Dia de los Muertos-Visionarios

Madhavi Rachakonda, Lineweaver Elementary School, Non-Fiction Reading Promotes Success

Molly Reed, Borton Magnet Elementary School, Water Conservation Education Through Passive Water Harvesting

Allison Richter, Warren Elementary School, Literature Expressed My Way

Allison Richter, Warren Elementary School, Camp Cooper - Earthkeepers Field Trip

Gabriel L. Romero, Sr., Rincon High School, Stability Ball Workouts: Getting to the CORE of the Exercise Matter!

Nicole Rullo, Rincon High School, SPEEDMINTON! Smash into Something NEW for Your Health!

Angela Runyon, Myers/Ganoung Elementary School, Conversation Starter - Music Station for All

Alisandra Sainz, Tucson High Magnet School, THMS Autism Program Quilting Project

Marguerite Samples, Dunham Elementary School, Stand and Be Counted!

Karriaunna Scotti, Tucson High Magnet School, Looking for the Stars

Alexander L. Sierra, Sabino High School, Arizona Association of Student Councils Summer Leadership Camp, 6/17-21/2016

Bianca Solis, Tolson Elementary School, Hydroponic/Aeroponic Water Conservation & Growing System of Fresh Produce

Melinda Suarez, Cholla High Magnet School, Charging Towards Independence - Learning Life Skills

Kim Suba, Steele Elementary School, Do I Know Who I Am?

Kim Suba, Steele Elementary School, We're All In This Together

Jamie Tarpey, Oyama Elementary School, Expanding Expression

Patricia Vogel, Mansfeld Middle Magnet School, Don't Run Off: Engineering Urban Landscapes

Melissa Walker, Palo Verde High Magnet School, #PVhasPassion

Crystal Wilson, Magee Middle School, Improving Geographic Literacy in 7th/8th Grades

Craig Wunderlich, Cholla High Magnet School, Cholla Unplugged 2017

Mimi I. Zoll, Tucson High Magnet School, The Reading Log