2018-2019 Recipients

Vanessa Aguayo, Maldonado Elementary, Counseling Library

Ameel Attallah, Safford K-8, Future Animators

Nicholas Babyak, McCorkle Academy of Excellence, Camp Cooper Biomimicry Study

Suzanne Basurto, Oyama Community Preschool, Extending the Classroom to the Outdoors

Lisa Bradford, Mansfeld Middle Magnet, “I Like to Move it”

Julia Burnett, McCorkle Academy of Excellence, Adapt a Charity

Julia Burnett, McCorkle Academy of Excellence, Class Newspaper

Elisa Busby, Drachman Montessori K-8, Wearable Technology

Elisa Busby, Drachman Montessori K-8, Novel Engineering – Reading to Design and Create

Twila Busby, Hollinger K-8, Wearable Technology

Sabrina Camacho, Hollinger PreK-8, The Educational Value of Field Trips

Sabrina Camacho, Hollinger PreK-8, Books Build Better Brains

Caroline Carlson, Wright Elementary, Read, Read, Read a Book at Home!

Caroline Carlson, Wright Elementary, Off to the Farm we Go! A Kindergarten STEAM Project!

Kristi Chiasson, Maldonado, Fired Up! About Reading

Bridget Cobb, Robison Elementary, Meeting Physical Education Standards for Safe & Healthy Students

Cinnamon Conrad, Kellond Elementary, Literature and the Arts

Cinnamon Conrad, Kellond Elementary, Kellond Odyssey of the Mind

Julie Crabtree, Dunham Elementary, Bringing Learning to Life through Books

Julie Crabtree, Dunham Elementary, Literacy, what can I do with these letters?

Candace Doerr, Sewell Elementary, Sustain Sewell Elementary’s Community Garden

Ashley Edgette, Davis Bilingual Elementary, Sustainable Seed to Plate Project

Jenna Evans, Borton Magnet, Let’s Play Restaurant!

Brian Farlee, Palo Verde Magnet High, Computer-Aided Drafting Construction Projects

Karen Fields, Lineweaver Elementary, Strummin’ in the Sun: Ukuleles for Kids

Jessica Flax, Myers-Ganoung Elementary, See, Hear, Touch, Talk: A Multisensory Communication Station for All

Kimberly Range Glenn, Utterback Middle, Flexible Seating

Elizabeth Henshaw, Davidson Elementary, Read to Succeed!

Christine Hermes, Warren Elementary, Earth Keepers for 4th Graders

David Herring, University High, From Puzzle Cubes to Raspberry Pis

Cassidy Hill, Grijalva Elementary, Flexible Seating for All

Cindy James, Safford K-8, What’s in my community?

Julie Laird, Robison Elementary, Bullyproofing our school

Jill Leon, Soleng Tom Elementary, “Let’s All Read About it, Fill Up the Bookshelf with All Cultures”

Andrew Lettes, Ph.D, Pueblo High, Classroom Sanger DNA Sequencing Activity with LEGO

Adam Lopez, Utterback Middle, General Art Supplies for Classroom Assignments

Sandra LuceroWarren Elementary, using Website Resources for Learning in 2nd Grade!

Erin Manski, Wright Elementary, Growing Kindergartener’s Minds through Art

Irina Noudelman, Utterback Middle, The use of puzzles in developing effective problem solving skills

Irina Noudelman, Utterback Middle, Probability Carnival

Stephanie Pederson, Borton Magnet Elementary, We’ll Teach it… ‘WEATHER’ or not!

Krystal Petrosky, Davidson Elementary, Little Minds in the 21st Century

Madhavi Rachakonda, Lineweaver Elementary, Building our Classroom Library

Madhavi Rachakonda, Lineweaver Elementary, First Grade Readers

Madhavi Rachakonda, Lineweaver Elementary, Listening Center for First Grade

Emily Ray, Davidson Elementary, You’re Never Alone When You’re Reading a Book: Text Sets for 5th Grade

Molly Reed, Borton Magnet Elementary, Borton Design Challenge Lab

Mark Reynolds, Community Transition Program, Sow Together, Grow Together Irrigation Project

Allison Richter, Warren Elementary, Earth Keepers for 4th Graders

Nicole Rullo, Rincon High, Transforming Rincon students’ eXcellent bodies with TRZ Suspension Training!

Marguerite SamplesDunham Elementary, Broadening our Minds with Award Winning Books

Marguerite Samples, Dunham Elementary, Read to Succeed

Teresa Sena, Magee Middle, Collaborative Reading and Writing with Art, Music, Culture, and Design

Anton Shekerjiev, Tucson High Magnet, Young Luthiers 2018

Shayla Samuels, Staw Rocket Maker Project – STEM

Amy Singletary, Wright Elementary, I Want to Be a Kindergarten Artist!

Jennifer Sprung, Project M.O.R.E. , (Project) MORE Healthy Choices for Students

Tanisha Tatum, Palo Verde High, PV FRC Clothing Bank

Patricia Vogel, Mansfeld Middle, Put a Lid On It – Engineering Helmets and Prosthetics

Patricia Vogel, Mansfeld Middle, Outbreak Alert! Engineering Pandemic Response Continued

Melissa Walker, Palo Verde High, The Monster/Human Conundrum: the influence of good & evil

Melissa WalkerPalo Verde High, Big Brother is watch YOU! Orwells’1984: The A/V Experience

Melissa WilhiteMcCorkle Academy of Excellence, Yoga for the Youth

Crystal WilsonMagee Middle, Improving Geographic Literacy in the Middle Grades

Craig WunderlichCholla High, Cholla Unplugged 2019