Fiscal Sponsored Projects

  • EEF Fiscal Sponsorship
    As a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, EEF is able to partner with parent and community groups to help fundraise for EEF mission-compatible projects for Tucson Unified teachers, students, and school sites. From help with grant writing to accounting, EEF’s Fiscal Sponsorship program works to make valuable community-initiated projects a reality for Tucson Unified students, teachers, social workers, and health professionals. For more information about applying for fiscal sponsorship through EEF, please call the EEF office.
  • Current EEF fiscally sponsored projects
    • The John B. Wright School Enrichment Project (began in 2012 with the construction of a school garden. After the first crops of food were harvested, donors installed a kitchen classroom where parents can participate in healthy eating workshops to learn to cook vegetables harvested at the school garden. In 2015, a walking path was installed on the school campus for use by both students and residents in the neighborhood.)
    • Peace From Paul (a partnership with Tucson High Magnet School to build a state-of-the-art sound and recording studio that will provide local high school students with opportunities to learn all aspects of studio production)
    • Tucson High Magnet School Novel Club (fiction reading material to enhance and enrich curriculum)
    • Tucson Unified Social Workers’ Support Fund (aid for special projects and needs for in-need students served by Tucson Unified social workers)
  • Past EEF fiscally sponsored projects
    • Alice Vail Middle School National History Day (community supported fund for Alice Vail Middle School students to participate in national history competition)
    • Banks Elementary Technology Fund (support for creation of a computer laboratory at Banks Elementary)
    • Finding My Voice (cultural and literary empowerment project at Catalina High School)
    • Gridley Virtual Reality System (virtual reality technology brought into the classroom)
    • Lynn Urquides/Adams Fund (support for physical school site and library improvements at Lynn Urquides/Adams Elementary School)
    • Sahuaro High School Language White Boards (bringing technology into language classrooms to facilitate teaching)
    • Tucson Unified’s Grayline Program (dental aid for in-need students throughout Tucson Unified)
    • Tucson Unified Regional Science Center Ecosystems Teacher Training Project (paid summer professional development and curriculum for elementary teachers teaching science and the unique ecology of the Catalina Mountains)