Jose Marquez, Vail Award

The Educational Enrichment Foundation will award one $500 scholarship. Students will be notified no later than the second week of May. Scholarships may be used to attend an accredited public or private Arizona college, university, or trade school. Payment will be made directly to the institution and may be applied to tuition, fees, and books. The funds will be available prior to the start of school in the fall of 2018.


Who May Apply?
Pueblo High School students who intend to graduate in May 2018 or who graduated in December 2017. Applicants must be planning to attend an accredited Arizona college, university, or trade school. 

Please note that we are not necessarily looking for honor roll students. We are looking for students who have clearly demonstrated the desire and skill to succeed personally and academically and who need financial support to attend college or a trade school.


300-word Essay Addressing the Applicant’s Future Educational Goals and Dreams This essay must also:
1. highlight the applicant’s future promise because of a past history of overcoming adversity (personal or economic)
2. articulate the applicant’s motivation to continue her/his education
3. explain the applicant’s need for monetary assistance to continue her/his education (i.e. why s/he would not have the opportunity to acquire post-high school education without financial help)
Please have one Pueblo High School teacher or counselor sign and complete the recommendation form provided

Jose Marquez Application Form (In PDF)