Fiscal Sponsored Projects

EEF Fiscal Sponsorship

As a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, EEF is able to partner with parent and community groups to help fundraise for EEF mission-compatible projects for TUSD teachers, students, and school sites. From help with grantwriting to accounting, EEF’s Fiscal Sponsorship program works to make valuable community-initiated projects a reality for TUSD students, teachers, social workers, and health professionals and allows TUSD schools to access the Tucson Community Food Bank’s Agency Market. For more information about applying for fiscal sponsorship through EEF, please call the EEF office.

Current EEF fiscally sponsored projects:

  • Alice Vail Middle School National History Day (community supported fund for Alice Vail Middle School students to participate in national history competition)
  • Gridley Virtual Reality System (virtual reality technology brought into the classroom)
  • JB Wright Community Garden (construction of a community garden to enhance STEM curriculum and provide fresh food)
  • Peace From Paul (a partnership with Tucson High Magnet School to build a state-of-the-art sound and recording studio that will provide local high school students with opportunities to learn all aspects of studio production)
  • Sahuaro High School Language White Boards (bringing technology into language classrooms to facilitate teaching)
  • Tucson High Magnet School Novel Club (fiction reading material to enhance and enrich curriculum)
  • TUSD’s Grayline Program (dental aid for in-need students throughout TUSD)
  • TUSD Social Workers’ Support Fund (aid for special projects and needs for in-need students served by TUSD social workers)

Past EEF fiscally sponsored projects:

  • Banks Elementary Technology Fund (support for creation of a computer laboratory at Banks Elementary)
  • Finding My Voice (cultural and literary empowerment project at Catalina Magnet High School)
  • Lynn Urquides/Adams Fund (support for physical school site and library improvements at Lynn Urquides/Adams Elementary School)
  • TUSD Clothing Bank (support for financially in-need students utilizing the TUSD Clothing Bank)
  • TUSD Regional Science Center Ecosystems Teacher Training Project (paid summer professional development and curriculum for elementary teachers teaching science and the unique ecology of the Catalina Mountains)