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Updated: Jun 17, 2021

For the past six years, Alma has served as TUSDs Director of Family and Community Outreach. She oversees the family resource centers, Duffy Clothing Bank, and McKinney Vento program. She is absolutely amazing and does so much for TUSD students, their families, and our community.

As EEF collaborates with Alma in a variety of ways to help students across the district, (including the Back To School Bonanza going on now - July 31 st) we wanted to share her thoughts on the needs currently facing TUSD students and their families. Additionally, we wanted to get to know Alma a little more (we're so glad we did!) Here is what she had to say:

What do you feel is the greatest need for TUSD students currently?

In all honesty, this pandemic has widened the “needs” for our students. Before Covid, it was evident that students needed basic items such as school supplies, clean clothes, shoes, food, etc., but now they are in need of much more. Many of our TUSD students need academic supports, mental health, counseling, and trusting adults that will reassure them everything will be ok.

What are some resources your department offers? Our Family & Community Outreach Department offers a variety of classes, workshops, services, and resources FREE to all TUSD families and students. We have four Family Resources Centers (FRCs)across the District, the HEART Program, and a Clothing Bank at Duffy. Each FRC offers the following: food pantry, hygiene kits, clothing bank, school supplies, community referrals, and computer lab access. The Homeless Education And Resource Team (HEART) supports students who lack a fixed, regular, or adequate nighttime residence. These students are eligible to receive McKinney Vento services which include clothing, shoes, free school meals, school supplies, and hygiene items. Most importantly our Duffy Clothing Bank has gently used clothing, shoes, and hygiene items for our students.

If you could change one thing to make the lives of TUSD students and their families better, what would it be? If I could change one thing to make students’ lives better, it would be for them to have multiple opportunities to succeed in school, thrive, and graduate! As for the families… for them to always have the necessary tools & resources to enhance their child’s education.

Why the Family Resource Centers? While working as a teacher and ELL Specialist in Las Vegas I quickly realized that family engagement was the key to student success. Our school began to offer parenting classes after school and quarterly Saturday Parent Academies. Soon parents noticed they were making an impact on their child’s academic achievement and attendance. From there the love and passion for family engagement evolved. I then stepped into a role as Title I Strategist at one of eight FRCs in Clark County School District which gave me the experience to work with families on a different level. Soon after, I was selected as TUSDs Family & Community Engagement Director where I have proudly served our families for the last six years and absolutely love what I do!

About Alma:

Alma Iñiguez is a Nogales native and proud graduate of the University of Arizona. In 1998 she completed her B.A. in Elementary Education and began her career as a 4th grade teacher. After teaching one year in the Tucson area she moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where she continued her career as an elementary bilingual teacher, English Language Learner Specialist and Title I Strategist. While in Las Vegas, Alma acquired two Masters degrees, one in Curriculum and Instruction and a second in Educational Leadership. After working in Clark County School District for 15 years she sought the opportunity to grow and pursue a job that would bring her back to Tucson. For the past six years Alma has served as TUSDs Director of Family and Community Outreach. She oversees the family resource centers, Duffy Clothing Bank and McKinney Vento program. Alma enjoys working with families and providing resources to students. She has a son who keeps her busy and they both love to travel.

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