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Meet Drisana...

Drisana is EEF's SUPERHERO Program Manager (or SUPER-SANA as we affectionately call her)! Find out more about Drisana by reading the full interview below.

Why EEF?

When I discovered the Educational Enrichment Foundation, I fell in love with the mission and the impact the organization has on students’ lives and their futures. When the organization began 37 years ago, it was the intention to enrich the learning experience of students by providing classroom grants. However, as the needs of the community have evolved, so have the focuses of EEF. I believe you cannot enrich the educational experience of a student without first meeting their basic needs. As Program Manager, I am able to see firsthand that once students receive the new shoes they need to run and play, the new glasses they need to see the front of the classroom, the hygiene supplies they need to feel confident and ready to learn, THEN we are able to provide additional resources to further enrich their classrooms.

Each of our programs play a different and important role in the lives of students in the Tucson Unified School district and I feel honored to be able to help provide these resources. Personally, my favorite experience is always Shoe Shopping with the kiddos. We have a wonderful partnership with Skechers, and the kids truly beam when they get to pick out their own, brand new, shoes. I always tell them how jealous I am of their light-up shoes (which is true)! The students inspire me to continue advocating for the best resources and experiences for our community.

If you could have an all-expense-paid adventure, where would you go? As much as I would love to say something extravagant, I would always pick an all-expense-paid trip to Disneyland. OR anywhere that I can sit on a beach with a book!

Tell us a fun fact about you:

I wouldn’t call myself a “cat whisperer” … but if I’m visiting someone’s home and they own a cat, I will find it, and I will pet it. I also happen to be allergic to cats.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I love to draw and paint. I’ve considered it more of a creative outlet than a talent, but we do have a few of my paintings in our home, so apparently, they’re not too bad to look at!

About Drisana:

Drisana is Tucson born and raised and the product of TUSD! She attended Fruchthendler Elementary, Doolen Middle School GATE, and University High School. In 5th grade, she began playing the alto saxophone and was a proud marching band kid throughout high school. During her senior year at UHS, she took an AP Psychology course and immediately fell in love with the subject. The following year, she began attending the University of Arizona for her Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

Throughout her time at the UA, Drisana worked in various sectors of social work, but mostly with foster children, at Casa de los Ninos and VisionQuest. Shortly after graduating from the UA, Drisana began at EEF as an administrative assistant and 6 months later was promoted to the Programs Manager. She has been with EEF for 3 years. She plans to further her education in social work in the next few years.

Drisana has been involved in giving back to the Tucson community throughout her life. Since she was young, she has volunteered with the League of Mexican American Women by modeling in their fundraiser fashion shows and selling raffle tickets. She is currently sitting on the board of directors for Cinderella’s Closet, a local organization which provides free prom dresses for students throughout the Tucson community.

Drisana loves spending time at home with her fiancé and their (almost) 2-year-old which consists of a lot of Mickey Mouse Club House and reading books! So many books! Drisana found that working remotely during the pandemic brought her family closer together, and with a sense of normalcy on the horizon, they are looking forward to going out to explore the parks, zoos and museums.

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