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Classroom Grants

Excited Children in Science Class

Accepting Applications for 2024-2025 School Year


EEF Classroom Grant applications are processed through the CommonGrant website.

We encourage you to watch the instructional video explaining how to apply.

Incomplete and/or inaccurate applications may be disqualified. 

Using the links below, you may register for Common Grant, or log in if you are a returning user:


EEF classroom grants cannot be used toward cost of basic needs such as clothing, shoes, eyeglasses, general school supplies, or food. If you are a Tucson Unified educator seeking assistance in these areas, please contact the EEF office for information about EEF’s programs that address Basic Needs Support for TUSD students. 

Proposal Guidelines

1. Proposals submitted during the Spring Application Cycle must be for projects taking place during the 2024-2025 school year.
2. ONLY Tucson Unified staff & educators are eligible to apply for projects benefitting TUSD students. Staff may collaborate with students and parents to apply for grant funds. However, only TUSD employees may be listed as lead educators and team members on the grant application. If a team of educators is applying, a lead educator must be identified as the applicant.
3. EEF Classroom Grants may not be used to compensate Tucson Unified teachers or staff for any purpose.
4. The project MUST be approved of by the school principal.
5. EEF’s Allocations Committee reviews and evaluates all proposals. Grants will be funded in July 2024.
6. Proposals are awarded on a competitive basis according to the strength of their originality and thoughtfulness, available funding, and the clear articulation of their specific learning goals as they relate to curriculum enrichment.
7. Clearly state the proposed project’s learning objectives, discuss how you will achieve these objectives and how you plan to assess your effectiveness in achieving these objectives.
8. Be sure your budget is clear and understandable. Funds must be spent as stipulated in the proposal budget. All expenditures must be supported with physical receipts. Funds must supplement, not replace, state or local funds.
9. New and continuing projects will be considered.
10. If a teacher’s position or school site changes the applicant MUST contact EEF.


Non-compliance with these guidelines may effect eligibility for future grant funding. 

Classroom Grant Sponsors 

EEF Classroom Grants are funded by proceeds from:

EEF Ray Davies Lifetime Humanitarian Achievement Award Luncheon

The Diane and Bruce Halle Foundation

Ora S. & Jane Davies Endowment

Jacob Eisner Memorial Endowment

Kay and Lee Scott Memorial Endowment

Stocker Foundation

The Martin M. Wandrey Fund

Tucson Electric Power (TEP)

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