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The Educational Enrichment Foundation (EEF) has awarded 96 classroom grants to TUSD educators totaling $81,445. These grants will be used to support student projects within the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD).

Educators are always creating innovative ways to inspire students inside and outside the classroom. To help those visions become a reality, EEF classroom grants provide

TUSD educators with funding to help with the purchasing of supplies, materials, and equipment for in-person and virtual classroom projects. The 96 TUSD educators will use their awarded grant dollars to serve 49 schools throughout the district including one preschool, 11 K-8 schools, 21 elementary schools, 6 middle schools, and 10 high schools.

"The EEF grant gives my students more opportunities to engage with their learning through hands-on activities. The puzzle cubes are a fun way for them to learn about algorithmic thinking and how to solve complex problems by combining a series of simple steps. The programmable hardware helps extend the computer science skills they are learning beyond their computers." David Herring, University High School.

EEF awards classroom grants based on the review and recommendation of an allocations committee consisting of Tucson community members. Ricky Hernandez, EEF Board Member and Allocations Committee Member said, "This was my first time reviewing Classroom Grant applications, and was impressed by the proposals from TUSD teachers. It showed me that our teachers are willing to go that extra mile to ensure that TUSD students have enriching learning experiences in the classroom."

Donors and organizations who are interested in supporting teachers’ projects and augment learning for TUSD students may contact EEF by visiting or by calling the EEF office at 520-325-8688.

See the full press release HERE

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