• $56,500 in Classroom Grants available this spring!$56,500 in Classroom Grants available this spring!


    Did you know...

    •  -- that EEF was founded 35 years ago to support teachers?
    •  -- our Celebrity Spelling Bee raises funds for grants?
    •  -- teachers may purchase project materials from any vendor?
    •  -- counselors, nurses, coaches and librarians may apply?

    Thanks to the Arizona Bowl and Extra Yards for Teachers, EEF has even more funding available this year.


    Click here to go directly to our Classroom Grants area and find the application.

  • New Year ResolutionsNew Year Resolutions

    Making your list of New Year Resolutions?  Don't forget that there is still time to make a Arizona Charitable Tax Credit donation to EEF when you are planning to file your 2017 taxes.  The deadline for the Charitable Tax Credit is not until April 17, 2018!


    When you donate to EEF, the ARIZONA QUALIFYING CHARITABLE TAX CREDIT allows you to receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your Arizona state income tax return. If you make a contribution before April 16, 2018 you can receive a credit of up to $800 when filing a joint tax return, or up to $400 when filing as a single taxpayer. In addition to the Qualifying Charitable Organization credit you can also designate up to $400 (married) to an individual TUSD school for the Public School Tax Credit.  You can do both!


    It costs you nothing to support EEF this holiday season! A tax credit reduces your final tax liability. It can reduce the amount you pay, or even increase the amount of your refund. While your charitable contributions increase, your tax liability is decreased equally—up to $800.

    EEF cannot accept a tax credit donation designated for a specific school or team.  Please consult your tax professional for more information and visit for specific forms and guidelines.Donate online by clicking the DONATE button to your right, by phone, or with a check in the mail.

    (520) 325-8688

  • When selecting an Arizona Charitable Tax credit donation . . . don't forget EEF!


  • Goal met for Cholla Hamilton Fieldtrip!Goal met for Cholla Hamilton Fieldtrip!

    Thank you for your overwhelming support of Cholla High Magnet School, so that they can get to the Hamilton Broadway Musical in Phoenix!  Exciting news!  Due to the Tucson community's generosity, we have met the goal and then some!  The trip has been fully funded including transportation!  Thank you to the Tucson Community!  If you are still looking for a way to help the Tucson Unified School District, please consider the Educational Enrichment Foundation.  When you support EEF, your money goes to paying for students' shoes, coats, eye exams and glasses and Interscholastic Fees so they can focus on their studies.  Please take a moment to review our website, if you are not familiar with what we do!  And don't forget, a donation to EEF qualifies for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit!   

About EEF

The Educational Enrichment Foundation (EEF) is an independent non-profit 501c3 organization founded by Tucson's community and business leaders in order to support the students and teachers within Tucson Unified School District schools.

Established in 1983, EEF is the oldest foundation of its kind in Arizona and serves 49,000 Tucson Unified students annually. Through its grants, scholarships, professional development programs, and community activities, EEF actively provides enhanced and enriched learning resources for Tucson Unified students, teachers, and schools, advocates for educational excellence for all children, and ensures access to educational enrichment opportunities within Tucson Unified for financially in-need students.

EEF programs are supported by corporate and non-profit grants, payroll deductions made by hundreds of dedicated Tucson Unified employees, and contributions from the general public.

Angel Charity logo Thanks to generous funding provided by the Angel Charity for Children, Inc., EEF is able to offer participation fee assistance to high school students and to middle school students during the 2017-2018 school year.

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